Have you always wanted to play a game like Dungeons and Dragons, but you could never find the time? Starting this September join Game Master, Ali Fleming, in a tabletop game called Monster of the Week! Each session the team will need to gather information, search for, and hunt down a new creepy creature every single week. Each hunt is designed to take only one session, so if you’re unable to consistently make the monthly meetings there’s no stress! Players will develop their own characters and enter the role-playing world of monster hunting. No experience required. Beginners are more than welcome.

All you need to play is a pair of six-sided dice.

Pizza will be provided for dinner. For any additional questions or concerns please email them to Ali Fleming at alexandrafleming8257@gmail.com.

Instructor: Ali Fleming

Ali Fleming has been involved with Susquehanna Stage for many years and has lead various RPGs over the past 4 years. She’s been interested in it for much longer than that, but one of the hardest parts of D&D is getting started when you don’t have anyone to play with. Ali is hoping to provide a space that is welcoming to the next generation of adventurers by creating a game that is exciting for both novices and experienced players!

All of her campaigns are very story driven, rather than combat focused. The story will be shaped by the choices that the players make, while Ali guides them along through their adventure!

Monster of the Week: The Art of Storytelling for Adults

Ages: 18+

Days: Beginning September 28, 2019 and continuing the fourth Saturday of every month ending in December

Time: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM (pizza dinner provided)

Cost: $10 per class attended

Please contact Ali directly to sign up:

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